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Whale Bracelet

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Whale Bracelet

This Whale Bracelet is made for those whose soul is in the marine universe and for whom the preservation of the oceans is important. If this is your case, then what are you waiting for?

Show your appreciation for whales and marine species with this Whale Bracelet. Dive into the ocean of possibilities with this wide choice of colors and drop anchor at incredible fashion destinations!

What makes whales so special?

Whales, marine mammals classified in the order of Cetaceans, have the main characteristic of being very large. The largest is the blue whale, averaging 24 meters in length. The largest blue whale ever measured was 33.6 meters. Its estimated weight is 180 tons or 180,000 kilograms.

  • Kanji Streetwear exclusivity
  • Material: high-quality metal, zinc
  • Unique size
  • Style: Japanese Streetwear
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Original style & design
  • Japanese accessories
  • Ideal for your Japanese look
  • Gives you style
  • Quality products
  • Only for Japan enthusiasts

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