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Samurai Canvas Painting

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Size (Inch):

Size (Inch)


Samurai Canvas Painting

Get inspired by these daring Japanese soldiers' loyalty and fighting spirit with this Japanese Samurai Canvas Painting. "The martial art and your work, in both cases, master them."

Are you ready to fight with as much technicality and courage as a samurai? If so, then this Japanese Samurai Canvas Painting will be perfect in your living room or bedroom. You will be able to look at it whenever you need courage.

Who were the Samurai?

Samurai were an elite class of Japanese warriors who dominated Japan for 700 years. They were the equivalent of European knights. Some samurai are famous, such as Isami Kondô or ink Musashi Miyamoto.

Size Width Height
Small 25cm 80cm
Medium 30cm 96cm
Large 40cm 128cm
  • Kanji Streetwear exclusivity
  • Material: high-quality cotton, linen
  • Style: Japanese
  • Very light: one nail is enough to hang it on the wall
  • Extremely accurate color rendering
  • Cotton and linen for a perfect canvas
  • Japanese decor
  • Ideal for your interior
  • Gives style to your house
  • Quality product
  • Only for Japan enthusiasts

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