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Padlock Necklace

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Padlock Necklace

Express your loving nature with this Padlock Japanese Streetwear Necklace with a heart! We say that love has its reasons that reason ignores and you understand it well.

Are you sentimental, or are you just in love? Or do you simply want to find true love, the one that is locked, and whose key is thrown away? Whatever your situation, this Padlock Necklace will find meaning in your state of mind.

What is the meaning of this necklace?

This necklace is all about love. The padlock means the locking of feelings, belonging to the other and true love, sealed until the end of time. This is why we have combined the padlock with the heart.

  • Kanji Streetwear exclusivity
  • Material: high-quality stainless steel
  • Unique size
  • Style: Japanese Streetwear
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Original style & design
  • Japanese accessories
  • Ideal for your Japanese look
  • Gives you style
  • Quality products
  • Only for Japan enthusiasts

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