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Harajuku Sneakers

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These shoes are in WOMEN's size.


Harajuku Sneakers

Take your Japanese streetwear look to the next level with these Harajuku Japanese Streetwear Sneakers and show everyone that you're not like anyone else!

Look like an inhabitant of the Harajuku district in Japan with these original sneakers featuring a perfect Japanese style. Its atypical design and its colors adapted to all outfits will make you fall for it for sure!

What's so special about Harajuku?

This is the district of Tokyo that influences streetwear and has an incredible degree of originality. That's why by taking inspiration from this area of Japanese fashion, you can create beautiful Japanese sneakers that you're not used to seeing, like those shoes.

  • Kanji Streetwear exclusivity
  • Materials: EVA, high-quality knitting
  • Fit type: Regular
  • Style: Japanese Streetwear
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Original style & design
  • Streetwear sneakers
  • Japanese clothing
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Keep you warm
  • Quality shoes
  • Only for Japan enthusiasts

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