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Feather Ring

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Feather Ring

This Feather Ring represents calm, elegance, beauty, but also mystery... it is in a way your reflection. What are you waiting for to wear this delicate and light jewelry?

Feel free and light with this Feather Ring designed with application and attention to have that refined, luxurious, and light look. This accessory is so tender and soft that you will not even feel it on your fingers.

What does the feather symbolize?

In many religions, the symbol of the feather means that the Angels hear you and will answer your prayers. Among the American Indians, the feather represented honor. In Egypt, the feather of Ma'at was associated with Ma'at, the goddess of truth, and justice.

  • Kanji Streetwear exclusivity
  • Material: high-quality 925 silver sterling, silver, zircon
  • Unique size
  • Style: Japanese Streetwear
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Original style & design
  • Japanese accessories
  • Ideal for your Japanese look
  • Gives you style
  • Quality products
  • Only for Japan enthusiasts

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