Kimono Cardigan


      A real trend in women's fashion but also men's, the Japanese Kimono Cardigan has become a must-have garment for summer and spring. Discover our collection of light and trendy Kimonos Cardigan!

      Whether it is to go to the beach with your friends, to go out in the city, or to relax at home, the Japanese Kimono Cardigan always finds its place in your outfits. The originality of its designs and its shape makes it a special garment reserved for people for whom fashion is not frozen in time, and is in perpetual evolution.

      Our Kimonos Cardigan For Women

      Ladies, you will be delighted by our collection of Japanese Cardigan Kimonos. Whether you like standard sizes or long sizes, whether you like elaborate, artistic Japanese style designs on your clothes, or on the contrary a very soft and discreet style, we have in all cases clothes that will please you 100%! Lightweight, pleasant to the touch, and visually pleasing, our Japanese Kimonos Cardigan are a safe bet.

      Our Kimonos Cardigan For Men

      Gentlemen, we haven't forgotten you! You have a good number of Cardigan Kimonos at your disposal, to be worn with Japanese pants or cargo pants like the ones in our streetwear cargo pants collection. Whatever your style, we have what you need. Do you want plain color, discreet Japanese style, or artistic design specific to Japan? Kanji Streetwear has what you need. All you have to do is browse!

      36 products

      36 products