Japanese Sneakers


      Discover our collection of Japanese Sneakers dedicated to lovers of Japanese streetwear fashion who have a desire for a change of clothes but don't know where to find unique and special shoes.

      Japanese Sneakers, Streetwear Sneakers, Techwear Sneakers... we have something for everyone. At Kanji Streetwear, sneakers are an extremely important thing and we design ours with care and application. If you think you are worthy to wear original Japanese shoes, then feel free to browse through our different collections.

      Our Japanese Sneakers For Men

      Sneakers are a classic in Japanese streetwear fashion, choose the right ones. To do so, discover our Japanese Sneakers for Men with a unique design at Kanji Streetwear.

      No matter what activity you want to do wearing our Japanese Sneakers, here you have the right shoes for it. Are you a runner? Check out our best running sneakers and feel comfortable and stylish while doing sports! Are you the type who doesn't move around a lot and goes out with your friends every now and then? Our Japanese streetwear sneakers are made for you.

      The variety of styles and their quality is a priority for Kanji Streetwear. We have techwear sneakers for fans of futuristic looks, classic streetwear sneakers for authentic and simple people, and velcro sneakers for those who don't like to get in trouble.

      Our Japanese Sneakers For Women

      Choose shoes that look like you with our collection of Japanese Sneakers for Women. Whether it's for running or simply walking, you'll find what you need.

      Sneakers are emblematic of streetwear style. They are one of the most important elements of an urban outfit and the shoes with the most choice in Japanese streetwear style. Our brand has decided to study the majority of sneakers and extract the best from them thanks to the work of our designers. Kanji Streetwear offers many types of Japanese sneakers for women.

      Those who like simplicity and do not recognize themselves in the fantasy will be conquered by our classic Japanese sneakers, while those who on the contrary appreciate elaborate, worked and original designs will have the choice among our original Japanese sneakers. Finally, the sportiest among you will be able to run with class and find incomparable comfort thanks to our running sneakers.

      Our Streetwear Sneakers

      Our Streetwear Sneakers collection is designed for urban fashion lovers who don't want to wear shoes that are too eccentric. It is then a great alternative, halfway between the Japanese Sneakers and the normal sneakers found in the market.

      Our Techwear Sneakers

      If you want even more different sneakers, our collection of Techwear sneakers should fully satisfy you. An incomparable look, reinforced material, and futuristic design for quality sneakers. Be careful though, techwear is not a style like any other and is not worn just anyhow. See our different Techwear collections to learn more.

      29 products

      29 products