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      Wear T-Shirts that reflect your taste for the Japanese culture and streetwear all year round with our collection of Japanese T-Shirts for men and women!

      From Kanji T-Shirts to those with elements of Japanese culture and folklore, as well as Japanese T-Shirts in reference to movies or animated films from the culture of the land of the rising sun, you have a huge choice at Kanji Streetwear. We know how much Japanese culture is full of jewels and specificities, that's why our T-Shirts have such varied designs.

      Our Japanese T-Shirts For Men

      T-shirts form the basis of your wardrobe and are suitable in any situation. Discover our Japanese T-Shirts for men and upgrade your outfits to another level.

      Sublimate your outfits with Kanji Streetwear. We know that t-shirts are an unconditional basis of Japanese streetwear style, that's why we have paid special attention to the style of our t-shirts. Check out our wide range of tops, from Japanese T-Shirts to Printed T-Shirts, Plain T-Shirts, and Japanese Dragon T-Shirts. The aim of this collection of Japanese T-Shirts is to provide you a unique, original, and well-worked Japanese style.

      Wear these t-shirts in any situation, whether it's for sports, skateboarding, biking, or just going out on the town with your friends. To sum up, we offer the following products:


      • Streetwear T-Shirts
      • Plain T-Shirts
      • Dragon T-Shirts
      • Classic Japanese T-Shirts

      Our Japanese T-Shirts For Women

      Whatever the season, we all wear t-shirts, whether it's under a Japanese Hoodie or a Japanese Jacket. With this in mind, we offer a wide choice of Japanese t-shirts because we know how important it is to renew your wardrobe with some original clothes.

      To do this, Kanji Streetwear offers several types of Japanese T-Shirts for Women: for those who like to wear clothes that are too big, we have oversize t-shirts, if you're really proud of your identity, we have many t-shirts in reference to the colors of the rainbow that are available for your greatest pleasure! We also know that summer is a very difficult season in terms of heat, that's why we also have t-shirts for the summer: light, qualitative, and with various designs! In short, we have:


      • Japanese Streetwear T-Shirts
      • Oversized Japanese T-Shirts
      • Summer T-Shirts
      • Casual Japanese T-Shirts

      Our Streetwear T-Shirts

      We never forget our biggest fans of pure streetwear. That's why we offer them our collection of Streetwear T-Shirts, sometimes in Japanese style, always in an original, well worked and unique look. If you are a fan of urban fashion, you are bound to find what you like at Kanji Streetwear.

      Our Anime T-Shirts

      Wear the best T-Shirts in reference to the Japanese Anime that cradled your childhood and that may continue to thrill you thanks to our selection of Anime T-Shirts. Whether you are from the Naruto or Dragon Ball Z generation, or both, you will find the T-Shirt you want.

      Our Goth T-Shirts

      You like pentagrams, triple 6 and you feel like Satanists? Don't wait any longer and browse through our selection of Gothic T-Shirts for men and women. Enter the dark and shadowy side of Japanese fashion!

      50 products

      50 products