Japanese Pants


      Dress like in the Harajuku district of Tokyo with our collection of Japanese Streetwear Pants and differentiate yourself from the rest of the people!

      The most important thing in Japanese Streetwear is the pants. Whether they are cargo pants, camo pants, or techwear pants, they are a real prerequisite for style. At Kanji Streetwear, we decided to mix the street style with Japan and this gives our collection of Japanese Streetwear Pants designed in collaboration with the best designers in Japan. Feel free to browse through the different sub-collections, you might be surprised!

      Our Japanese Pants For Men

      Japanese Pants for men are the basis of a successful look. These fashion elements are instantly recognizable in Japanese streetwear outfits. The classic is the black cargo pants with straps or large pockets, which are characteristic of cargo pants. You can also opt for military camo pants, that are made for the bravest and the most adventurous among you. Finally, for the more authentic people, there is a simple choice left: regular cargo pants available in several colors: beige, grey, or black.

      Our Japanese pants are designed to go perfectly with our sneakers thanks to their tight fit at the ankles. In addition, their size is made to give that oversized effect characteristic of urban style pants, at the antipodes of straight cut jeans or suit pants. So, ready to take your Japanese look to the next level?

      Our Japanese Pants For Women

      High waist pants or cargo pants? Black or khaki? Casual or fancy? With Kanji Streetwear, you have the choice. Discover our collection of Japanese Pants for women.

      As you know, pants are one of the first things you notice when you look at someone. That's why it's important to have pants with a unique Japanese streetwear design to stand out from the rest. Kanji Streetwear has everything you need.

      Do you prefer high-waisted trousers or military pants? Whatever your taste, we have the perfect pants for you. We have designed our pants so that the products we offer are unique and their style hard to imitate. Are you an adventurous person? Choose military camo pants and show off your tough personality. Prefer to stick to fashion? Go for our high-waisted pants for those who aren't afraid to show off their shapes! And for those who just want to wear classic streetwear pants, we have great cargo pants for women. What's your choice?

      Our Streetwear Cargo Pants

      Cargo pants are one of the classics of urban style, but also of Japanese streetwear. However, there is a problem with classic cargo pants: they are too commonplace. So, at Kanji Streetwear, we decided to mix them with the Japanese streetwear style to make them unique and aesthetic pieces of clothing. With or without accessories, with many or few pockets, black or beige, you will find Streetwear Cargo Pants that you will like!

      Our Streetwear Camo Pants

      Are you adventurous by nature? Do you go out a lot in the city with your friends, or to go skateboarding or hiking? Do you like the army, the military, and the war in general? Or do you just like the military camouflage style? Come browse through our collection of Streetwear Camo Pants and be surprised by the incredibly well-worked design of our pants. Kanji Streetwear likes to mix and match, and our Streetwear Camo Pants collection is the result of a mix between camouflage pants and streetwear pants. Will you let yourself be conquered?

      Our Streetwear Pants

      Sometimes you only want to dress in streetwear, sometimes you only want to dress in jogger pants, oversize t-shirt, and sneakers, so for you, we created this collection. From jogging pants to sweatpants to soft streetwear pants, you have everything you need to get dressed in a perfect urban style with our collection of Streetwear Pants for men and women.

      Our Techwear Pants

      Halfway between a futuristic and gothic look, a sharp vision of aesthetics, and an obvious part of blackness, these are the characteristics of the techwear style. This category, close to Japanese streetwear fashion, is very much worn by Japanese and Russians. At Kanji Streetwear, we have a taste for well-worked, aesthetic, and eccentric clothes, so we couldn't resist releasing a collection of techwear pants with a unique design. What's sure to delight techwear fans!

      50 products

      50 products