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      Does your Japanese streetwear outfit lack something? Make it complete with our collection of Japanese Necklaces and pendants, and shine like these jewels!

      What better way to embellish your neck and chest than with a pendant or necklace? Nothing more visible and practical to communicate your identity to others. Whether you are a religious person, a fan of a particular artist, or simply a fan of Japan and its culture, you will always find a necklace that will please you at Kanji Streetwear!

      Our Japanese Necklaces

      Add class to your outfits with our Japanese necklaces. Enhance your neck and chest with our collection of necklaces designed especially for streetwear fans. Whether you appreciate the fine, discreet necklaces or the visible choker necklaces, you'll find the perfect accessory.

      Do you like Billie Eilish? Then we have the right jewelry for you: a beautiful Blohsh necklace. Do you like skateboarding? Our Thrasher necklace should fit you perfectly. For more classic and lighter people, our feather necklace is a very good choice. If love has a big place in your life, our heart choker necklace will be a great choice for you. Let's summarize the items we propose:

        • Musical Artist Necklaces
        • Streetwear Necklaces
        • Women's Japanese Necklaces
        • Men's Japanese Necklaces


      15 products

      15 products