Japanese Kimono


      These Japanese Kimonos for men and women will make you travel through Japan in a second! High-quality fabric – original patterns – Kanji Streetwear exclusivity.

      It should not be confused with martial arts training clothes: the kimono, formerly representing clothing in general, now refers to the T-shaped garment worn by Japanese for special occasions. The kimono is a traditional Japanese outfit, We wanted to respect the tradition by sticking as well as possible to the usual design. Though some of the kimonos we offer have a much shorter cut than traditional Japanese kimonos, and there is a reason for this. We decided to propose medium to short sizes to satisfy the tastes of all our customers.

      Our Japanese Kimonos For Men

      Are you looking for an original Japanese Kimono for men but can't find anything in the market? We have what you need. Whether it's a Cardigan Kimono with a short cut and Japanese streetwear style, or a very elegant black Long Kimono, Kanji Streetwear has thought of everything and has a wide range of Japanese Kimonos.

      Our Japanese Kimonos For Women

      Japanese Kimonos for women are commercially available, but their designs are often poor or empty. Ignorance of Japanese culture, fear of taking risks, or uniformity of clothing trends? We haven't found the answer yet. On the other hand, we have found you some superb Kimonos that will go perfectly with your light summer or spring outfits!

      Our Traditional Japanese Kimonos

      If you appreciate Japanese traditions, long garments with beautiful decorations, and the classy style of kimonos, then our collection of Traditional Japanese Kimonos is entirely made for you. Whether it is for a special event or a daily outing, our collection of Traditional Japanese Kimonos will satisfy you with patterns typical of Japanese culture.

      Our Japanese Kimonos Dress

      Women who love Japanese clothing and elegance will have clothes that live up to their expectations with our collection of Japanese Kimonos Dress. Are you fed up with the banal and bland dresses you find in stores? Do you need change, elegance, nobility? Why not fall for a Japanese Kimono Dress?

      Our Japanese Kimonos Cardigan

      Cardigan Kimonos are fashionable and are the most popular kind of kimonos all over the world. And for good reason, you can wear them with practically anything you want, making them a perfectly versatile garment. Whether you're coming out of the bath, going to the beach, or wearing in the summer when it's hot, the Kimono Cardigan easily replaces a T-Shirt or Shirt. At Kanji Streetwear, we found it a shame to limit ourselves to traditional Japanese designs, that's why our Cardigan Kimonos are diverse and varied in order to please the greatest number of people. Feel free to browse through our collection of Japanese kimonos!

      42 products

      42 products