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      To accompany your outfits, nothing better than a Japanese Jacket from our collection. A large choice is offered to you: Streetwear, Techwear, or Casual Jacket, always in a Japanese style.

      Our wide selection of Japanese jackets will give you an original and unique style that is very difficult to have in a world where fashion is becoming more and more uniform. Kanji Streetwear is the precursor of a gigantic movement, carried by the youth from here and elsewhere and which intends to break the codes of today's fashion. Are you ready to be part of the adventure?

      Our Japanese Jackets For Men

      To keep a perfect streetwear style whatever the season, you need to get a Japanese Jacket For Men. With it, keep your style perfect whether it rains or snows!

      Kanji Streetwear offers several types of jackets, from the simplest and authentic to the fanciest and original. Firstly, the most classic, the bomber jacket. It is an essential, it has accompanied several generations and domains, and today it is used as an aesthetic garment. Then, the techwear jacket: real UFOs in clothing fashion in the eyes of normal people, they are futuristic jackets with a streetwear look that blend perfectly with the urban style. We also offer long coats for those who like to be classy and traditional Japanese jackets for true lovers of Japan. In short, this is what Kanji Streetwear offers:

      • Japanese Streetwear Bomber Jacket
      • Japanese Techwear Jacket
      • Japanese Streetwear Coat
      • Japanese Streetwear Traditional Jacket

      Our Japanese Jackets For Women

      Whatever the season, enhance your look with Japanese Jackets For Women from Kanji Streetwear. Our wide range of choices and designs will not leave you indifferent.

      Are you looking for outerwear that can withstand the elements and give you the Japanese streetwear style you are looking for? You've come to the right place. We know how important jackets are to your outfit, so we take care to design them so that they protect you from the rain and cold and at the same time look as neat as possible, with an original design.

      For the rainy seasons, fall for our Windbreakers For Women. If you want a jacket that fits most months of the year, don't hesitate and have a look at our streetwear bomber jackets, many choices are at your disposal. For more originality and old school, denim streetwear jackets are a very good choice. Let's summarize. You have the following choices:

      • Japanese Streetwear Bomber Jackets
      • Japanese Streetwear Rain Jackets
      • Japanese Streetwear Denim Jackets
      • Japanese Streetwear Jackets

      Our Japanese Bomber Jackets

      Our collection of Bomber Jackets for men and women is perfect for the mild seasons. If you like the prints and illustrations on the clothes, and if you are a fan of Japanese streetwear, then you will be conquered. The very unisex character of this kind of clothing makes this collection a real mine of Japanese Bomber Jackets that is just waiting to be explored!

      Our Japanese Windbreakers

      Our Japanese Windbreakers are absolutely perfect for fall. Rather than ordering an ordinary, unsightly windbreaker from a randomly selected store, come browse our collection of Japanese urban style Windbreakers. After that, dare to tell us that you prefer the clothes you are used to choosing in random stores. Kanji Streetwear, it's high-quality coats, well-chosen designs, and above all a big dose of Japan!

      Our Japanese Denim Jackets

      Those who love vintage style and beautiful illustrations will be absolutely conquered by our collection of Japanese Denim Jackets. But beware, at Kanji Streetwear we don't want to propose the same offer as the others. That's why our Denim Jackets have several styles: gothic, streetwear, Japanese... Back to basics without forgetting the passion of everyone here: Japan!

      Our Techwear Jackets

      An extremely important element of a part of Japanese and Western fashion: Techwear! We find that this style goes perfectly with Japanese streetwear and that in addition to being very aesthetic, it allows the wearer to be creative in his outfits. The touch that Kanji Streetwear brings, as you probably already guessed, is the Japanese side! A picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to browse through our collection of Techwear Jackets!

      Our Streetwear Jackets

      We thought of those who prefer streetwear more than Japanese in Japanese streetwear with this collection of Streetwear Jackets for men and women. Less Japan-oriented, more urban fashion-oriented, it takes the classic street look, adding of course a touch of Japan to the whole!

      43 products

      43 products