Japanese Hoodie


      Whether they represent typical Japanese artwork, Kanji, or elements of Asian culture, our Japanese Hoodies meet three criteria: diversity, quality, and originality.

      They are unavoidable in Japan and in Asian countries such as China or Korea: the Hoodies, very often oversize. Worn by both men and women, designed in a thousand and one different ways and matching most outfits, the Japanese Hoodies, and more particularly of our collection, will give you a look either cute, streetwear, or Japanese... or probably all three at the same time!

      Is it cold outside? Don't worry, our fleece hoodies will keep you warm and comfortable. Moreover, by ordering 1 size more, you will have a beautiful oversize look, which is both aesthetic and practical when temperatures drop. No more ugly fleece sweaters, make way for warm and comfortable Japanese Hoodies!

      It's not warm enough to be outside in a T-Shirt? Our cotton and polyester Hoodies will give you that extra layer of clothing you need to stay warm without suffocating you. Moreover, their original and worked style will allow you to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

      Our Japanese Hoodies For Men

      Whether you are a fan of Japanese culture or just someone who appreciates the graphic style of this country and Japanese streetwear, you will find what you need in our collection of Japanese Hoodies for men. Thanks to the style and cut of our sweatshirts, as well as the work of our designers, you will easily stand out by wearing our Japanese tops.

      Our Japanese Hoodies For Women

      We haven't forgotten you, ladies! Most of our hoodies are unisex, but we do have a good part of our Japanese Hoodies especially designed for women, with for example kawaii illustrations, references to k-pop bands, or extremely cute cat hoodies. Ready to adopt the cuteness of the land of the rising sun?

      Our Streetwear Hoodies

      Our Japanese Streetwear boutique cannot but offer a collection of pure Streetwear Hoodies. Our many references in urban fashion, mixed with Japan oriented clothes, will give you a perfect and original streetwear style! Don't hesitate and browse through our collections.

      Our Goth Hoodies

      If you feel more in the mood to dress in a dark way, our collection of Goth Hoodies will be perfect for you. We appreciate this culture, and the Japanese people too, so it is in fashion among the young Japanese people of Harajuku district. Friends of Satan, professionals of Evil, you finally have something to wear!

      Our Anime Hoodies

      We thought of Japanese anime fans with this collection. Whatever your preferences in terms of manga, whether you're casual or weeb, you're bound to find a Hoodie that suits you. From Tokyo Ghoul to Naruto, via Sailor Moon, discover our Anime Hoodies!

      63 products

      63 products