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      Discover our collection of original Japanese Caps. To protect yourself from the summer sun or simply to improve your Japanese streetwear style, our caps will find a use!

      It is a basic element of the streetwear style. Caps often lack originality or design work, that's why, at Kanji Streetwear, always in a concern to provide quality items to our customers, we decided to create this collection of Japanese Caps. Whether they are streetwear caps or pure Japanese caps, you will find something to complete your style.

      Our Japanese Caps For Men

      Sublimate your Japanese streetwear style with an original cap from Kanji Streetwear. Our Japanese Caps For Men with unique design will make you stand out for sure.

      Invent your style and create the person you want to be with our Japanese Caps For Men! As Japanese streetwear fans, we have chosen the designs that we believe most represent the fans of this fashion. You will find caps related to rappers such as Lil Peep or XXXTENTACION, some with Japanese style and others with an original design, not depending on any external source except the imagination of our designers.

      So, you are sure to be satisfied: do you listen to a lot of gothic hip-hop music? We have Lil Peep caps. Do you listen to calm or paradoxically more violent rap music? We have XXXTENTACION caps. If you are more manga fans, you can order a Naruto cap and if you are a fan of Japan, we have caps with Japanese patterns made for you. In short, here is what we have to offer you:

      • Hip Hop Streetwear Caps
      • Japanese Streetwear Caps
      • Japanese Animes Caps
      • Original Japanese Caps

      Our Japanese Caps For Women

      You've got your Japanese streetwear outfit, but you're missing something. This is a Japanese Cap For Women. Don't worry, Kanji Streetwear has the accessories you need.

      What's better than a cap to sublimate your outfits? Whether it's for the aesthetic aspect or to protect you from the sun when the weather is nice, you will often need a cap. At Kanji Streetwear, we have taken care to design original Japanese streetwear caps that you won't find in normal stores.

      For those who would consider themselves as angels, whose innocence and kindness would show through, we have some beautiful angel Japanese streetwear caps. Music lovers will be conquered by our caps inspired by modern artists such as XXXTentacion or Lil Peep. If you are a big fan of Japan and Asian culture in general, our Japanese Caps are sure to please you. Here's, basically, what we have to offer you:

      • Hip-Hop Streetwear Caps
      • Japanese Streetwear Caps
      • Classic Streetwear Caps
      • Original Streetwear Caps

      15 products

      15 products