Japanese Accessories


      What better to complete your Asian outfits than Japanese accessories? From necklaces to rings, earrings, and obi belts, you have all the Japanese fashion on Kanji Streetwear!

      If you feel that your style lacks something, or if you are simply fond of Japanese jewelry and apparel, then our Japanese Accessories collection should appeal to you. Silver color, gold color, black color, we have something for all tastes, and for all styles. From fans of Japan to streetwear fans, everyone will find at least several jewels to their taste. Ready to travel in the wonderful world of Japanese accessories?

      Our Japanese Accessories For Men

      From streetwear bracelets to Japanese rings, from earrings in Japanese colors to obi belts for your most beautiful kimonos, Kanji Streetwear has many Japanese accessories. Our collection offers jewelry in reference to many animes, many elements more or less related to Japanese culture, and are of high quality so that you can wear it as long as possible. So, ready to see our Japanese Accessories for men?

      Our Japanese Accessories For Women

      Ladies, you are served with our collection of Japanese Accessories for Women. Whether it is to complete your outfit or to bring out a particular color, our various Japanese Accessories will find their usefulness. You can choose from necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, in streetwear and feminine style, or in the relatively unisex Japanese style. The choice is yours!

      Our Japanese Necklaces

      Our Japanese necklaces are designed for men and women and offer many styles, such as choker necklaces, necklaces with Kanji patterns, or even more streetwear necklaces with for example the brand Thrasher. These many styles allow you to embellish your outfits as you wish.

      Our Japanese Bracelets

      Those who hate having bare wrists will be delighted by our collection of Japanese Bracelets. References to Naruto, zen bracelets, streetwear bracelets, feminine bracelets, in all materials: we have steel, silver, natural stones, leather, and even wood for the authentic and handcrafted style. Which one suits you best?

      Our Japanese Rings

      Rings are among the most sought-after pieces of jewelry. However, it is difficult to find good Japanese style rings, and even stylish rings, quite simply. Faced with the lack of original rings, we decided to create a collection of Japanese rings, sometimes in a more streetwear style, so that our customers have quality Japanese accessories. What is your choice among our different rings?

      Our Japanese Earrings

      ... are still in the design phase!

      Our Obi Belts

      ... are still in the design phase!

      44 products

      44 products