Military Surplus in Fashion

Military Surplus in Fashion

What does military surplus look like in fashion? Where to find the best military equipment? What are the different types of camouflage? Kanji Streetwear made a dossier just for you. Onward soldier!

What does military surplus look like in fashion? Where to find the best military equipment? What are the different types of camouflage?

At Kanji Streetwear, we are interested in these issues because the Japanese streetwear style is very much inspired by military fashion as you will see in our next article dedicated to the best streetwear brands. For the moment, let's make way for military fashion, in partnership with Kula Tactical!

Nowadays, military fashion is everywhere. The problems are to know what military clothes are available on the market, what are their inspirations, and where to get the best military clothing? We've made a dossier for you on this subject. Onward soldier!

1/ The Russian Military Fashion

Let's go to the country with the world's most powerful military popular culture (in tough competition with Kim Jong Un's party). This is the time to discuss a subject that is still topical, and will be for a long time to come: military fashion! With its war memorials, its great annual army parade with tanks and missile launchers, and several annual parties in honor of its soldiers, the motherland today presents a style that is still in vogue in its regions: the old-fashioned military style!

Whether it is for work, to drink an aperitif with friends, or simply to stroll through the streets of St. Petersburg, military clothing is de rigueur for many Russians. Men, particularly "non-effeminate" in this country, like to wear practical, comfortable, and robust clothing. It is therefore not uncommon to come across locals wearing a military jacket in urban camouflage, or even sniper pants with the camouflage of the national coast guard. More feminine, women in their majority express themselves through a more delicate and refined style.

2/ The Military Camouflage Fashion

Military camouflage is used by professional soldiers for their operations in enemy territory. But not only that! It's also a terrible fashion tool, which can be a perfect choice to complement an urban style. Especially since with materials finely selected from thousands to best serve the soldiers, you'll be wearing your camouflage military jacket or pants for years to come (as long as you get the originals, and not poorly cut and sewn Chinese productions). There are 4 main families of camouflage:

A/ Dark Camouflage

Multicam Black Camo

These are rather discreet and look rather dark to the wearer. The most well known are the camo Multicam black and the camo typhoon.

B/ "Desert" Camo

Desert Camo Soldier

Inspired by a desert environment, these camouflages tend to be more symmetrical to wear... In summer! Indeed, they are dirtier and flashier than others. A little desert camouflage shorts to go to the beach is therefore perfect! Here again, the most famous colors are AOR-1, MultiCam, and the generic camouflage names of the world's armies.

C/ The "Green" Camo

Woodland Camo Soldier

Almost all of us have already worn camouflage, and chances are that most of us are already wearing woodland camouflage! Indeed, this pattern straight from America was for a long time a reference in the field: it is effective and very stylish. There are many others, such as the Russian camouflage digital flora, or the English DPM.

D/ "Clear" Camo

Kamysh Camo Soldier

This category is a bit special, we are talking about camouflages from grey to completely white like the alpine Multicam or even the ATX atacs. Camouflages in this category are particularly stylish in the city because their rather dull colors blend very well with an asphalt background. Our number one choice here is the blue Kamysh, straight from Russia. This is clearly not common, and yet it looks really good.

3/ The Old-Style Military Jacket

How can we forget that movie that spiced up our evenings in front of the TV? Top Gun is one of the films that best presents the myth of the old-style military jacket. This certainly helped to make this type of army jacket very popular! What could be better for a man than to have a unique, robust, and masculine style? Used by the army at the time of the filming, these mythical leather jackets are worn by Tom Cruise have been largely modernized to be lighter and more affordable. Here is an example below. This is a military jacket worn by the Russian armed forces: to each his own camouflage! Kamysh blue for urban forces such as police Spetsnaz, digital flora green for regular troops, etc...

  • Russian Military Parka
  • Blue Kamysh Jacket
  • Russian Military Jacket Winter
  • Sas Smock Olive

4/ The Old-Style Military Pants

We have (almost) all worn military pants. As futile as it may seem, they are not just trousers for some people, but a real fashion accessory! Basically developed to serve the soldiers during their missions, they are mostly made of ultra-resistant materials. These pants are therefore perfect for men's work, for which it is necessary to "wet the jersey"! Here is a model particularly appreciated, rustic, which is suitable for an urban style as well as for a work outfit.
  • Gorka 5 Trousers
  • Sniper Combat Pants
  • Multicam Black Tactical Pants
  • Sas Cargo Pants

5/ The Military Fashion Backpack

To be on top, nothing better than a good old military bag strewn with MOLLE straps and made with camouflage that sticks to your personal style. There are many types of trendy military backpacks, among them the most famous model is of course the 40 liters tactical backpack. We've selected a small list of cool backpacks that you might like because it's sometimes hard to understand which ones can stick to an urban and dynamic style. Especially since the equipment for army professionals can go up in price, we strongly advise you to find a compromise between style and price, without forgetting that low-end Chinese copies will only bring you problems in the short and medium-term (fragile closures, non-waterproof fabric, distorted camouflage colors, etc...). Here is our selection:
  • Small Waterproof Army Backpack
  • 7 Liter Backpack
  • 18l Tactical Backpack
  • 30l Military Backpack

6/ The Old-School Combat Boots

One of the most timeless objects even through the centuries is, and will undoubtedly remain, the pair of military shoes. The most old-fashioned models are of course made of real leather, allowing you to walk in a river (with little water, let's not exaggerate!) while keeping your socks dry. It is obviously not a mystery: soldiers in almost all armies wear high boots, made of leather, and reinforced for good reasons. Not because they look manly, but because they're sturdy, waterproof, and above all... indestructible!

  • Leather Combat Boots Black
  • Spetsnaz Winter Boots
  • Od Green Combat Boots
  • Spetsnaz Boots For Sale
Now, you know everything about the military surplus in fashion. This article got you more? Feel free to visit the Russian military surplus of our partner, Kula Tactical!

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