Blackpink VS BTS

Blackpink VS BTS, Who Wins?

K-Pop is a mix of several genres, from pop to rap through electro, rock and sometimes even folk. It's a cultural and musical revolution. From BTS to Blackpink to TWICE, Korean pop is as fascinating as it is critical. What about the two most loved bands, BTS and Blackpink?

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What is the best k-pop group? Who wins between BTS and Blackpink? Is BTS better than Blackpink?

At Kanji Streetwear, we are interested in these issues because we love both groups. So, to decide, we made a small objective comparison.

In this article, we will compare two groups of k-pop loved by a lot of fans. Don't insult us in the comments before reading the whole article! It might be that both sides can be satisfied.

K-Pop is a mix of several genres, from pop to rap through electro, rock and sometimes even folk. It's a cultural and musical revolution. From BTS to Blackpink to TWICE, Korean pop is as fascinating as it is critical. What about the two most loved bands, BTS and Blackpink?

We'll see that right away. Forward, dear k-pop fan!

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Blackpink VS BTS: The Numbers

Blackpink VS BTS: The Numbers

Yes, of course, numbers don't mean quality, and they don't reflect any superiority, except economically. However, it remains an indicator not to be ignored, and even to be privileged to judge the popularity of an artist.



One of the first criteria to know the performance of a group is the number of listeners on the streaming platforms. At the time of writing, BTS has 27,873,774 listeners on Spotify, compared to 25,509,985 for Blackpink. Slight advantage of 2.3M listeners for BTS.


YouTube Logo

On the official YouTube channel of the BTS group, BANGTANTV, there are currently 36.4M subscribers. For Blackpink, there are 47.7M subscribers. Big advantage for Blackpink on the YouTube platform. Let's also add that with their clip "How You Like That", Blackpink broke the record for the most viewed clip in 24 hours, held so far by BTS with "Boy With Luv".

Twitter & Instagram


Social networks are a great way to find out about the popularity of artists. BTS has 28.9M followers on Twitter, as well as 30M on Instagram. As for Blackpink, they have 5M fans on Twitter and 28.7M followers on Instagram.



BTS has been around longer than Blackpink and has released more albums, so the result isn't surprising. In 7 years, BTS has sold more than 20 million albums. Blackpink doesn't have to feel sorry for this performance as the k-pop band sold 2.5M copies of their singles "Playing with Fire", "Whistle", "As If It's Your Last" and "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du", as well as 3M copies of their single "How You Like That". A lot of sales, yes, but a lot of singles...

Blackpink VS BTS: The Career


To get an idea of which band is the best, it is important to look at their career, their relationship to the fans, and their productivity. Much more than numbers, this information is crucial to understand the past and present history of both k-pop bands.

Record company


BTS comes from a small record company, Blackpink comes from one of the Big Three. K-Pop bands are created and produced by Korean record companies. Blackpink was developed and propelled in 2016 by YG Entertainment, one of the three largest in the country. BTS was born in 2013 within Big Hit Entertainment, a very secondary record company at the time.

Generally speaking, Blackpink had more means to exist, where BTS had to start from very very low and develop, emerge, and find its audience. This will fight is anchored in the identity of BTS which assumes its modest origins and does not forget that their celebrity was hard-won.

Songwriting & creativity


You should know that RM, the leading rapper of BTS, wrote and designed absolutely all the tracks of the band. Blackpink, on the other hand, has used external producers and composers. This is not a reason to judge one or the other, it's simply a state of affairs.

In the case of very young groups, in the process of building up, being accompanied by more experienced authors is also a way of refining one's project.

Relationship to the fans


Blackpink is a recent group that reached the top very quickly. BTS have grown much more slowly, and they know how much they owe their success to their fans. The band partly manages its own Twitter account, which, in the very controlled world of K-Pop, is really exceptional.

They also released the game BTS World where you play as their manager. For this game, the band shot hours of exclusive videos.

As for them, Blackpink make videos on their YouTube channel, have released fansigning videos, and are present for their fans, but much less than BTS. The cause is probably their record company, because Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are not in the habit of leaving their fans behind.



In 3 years of existence, Blackpink has released 9 singles and 2 albums. In 6 years, BTS has released 6 albums, 5 EPs, and 30 singles. Consequent advantage for BTS. We wonder when they find time to sleep with all this music and all these concerts...

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Blackpink VS BTS: Conclusion

BTS Blackpink Conclusion

This article is actually a nonsense


Let's be serious for a moment... these two groups are simply incomparable. The course, the performances, the style, the ambitions are not the same. Blackpink and BTS have nothing to do with each other, and all K-Pop fans will tell you that there is no logical reason to compare and rank the two. You have every right to have your preference, but there's no point in saying so-and-so is better than so-and-so.

K-pop is not limited to group battles

Woman Thumbs Up

To be a fan of K-Pop is to become attached to groups that become like a family. Of course, there is the music, but behind each band is a universe in which each member becomes a character in his own right. K-Pop goes far beyond music, and that's what makes it an exciting genre.

K-pop is a genre that synthesizes its time

K-Pop Groups

Blackpink and BTS are equal in one area: both groups have shaped and transformed K-Pop. Both groups speak to their generation and tell interesting things. The fact that one of the world's most popular girl bands draws on rap to adopt an aggressive iconography corresponds to a new, less watered-down form of K-Pop. Both Blackpink and BTS participate in the creative ferment that is k-pop, which fully assumes the desire to make as many people as possible dance. Whether you're hooked or not, it's an extraordinary musical and social phenomenon.

So let's not spoil this wonder and stop trying to know who is superior to whom. All that matters is who is the best group in your heart, the rest is what other people think! Nothing prevents you from proudly wearing clothes with the effigy of your favorite bands, like for example this Blackpink Hoodie...

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