7 Iconic Japanese Streetwear Clothes

7 Iconic Japanese Streetwear Clothes

Every cultural domain has its share of classics. Japanese Streetwear is no exception. Discover with Kanji Streetwear the 7 Iconic Japanese Streetwear Clothes.

Every cultural domain, be it music, film, or literature, has its share of classics. Japanese Streetwear is no exception. The indispensable and very popular type of clothing in Japanese streetwear style is considered a classic. If you're a streetwear enthusiast, then welcome home!

The Japanese are the undisputed masters of streetwear in the world. Their culture, different from the western culture, makes them unique, original and so creative. So when we talk about streetwear, we talk seriously about it, and we talk about Shibuya, Harajuku; in short, Japan.

Kanji Streetwear is a reference in terms of Japanese streetwear. Here, we talk about cargo pants, kimono, and Harajuku! In brief, we speak Japanese streetwear.

In this article, you will discover:

    • The 7 classics of Japanese streetwear fashion
    • Where can you get this kind of product
    • A surprise just for you

After reading the following lines, you will have more knowledge about Japanese streetwear and you will know exactly where to buy the best clothes from this style.

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#7: Japanese Streetwear T-Shirts

Japanese Streetwear T-Shirts

Men and women alike, Japanese youth love T-shirts, especially when they are oversized. These light clothes are classics all over the world, but there is something special about Japanese streetwear t-shirts.

First of all, they're all oversized, so they go extremely well with the stockings the Japanese wear, whether they're joggings or mini shorts. Secondly, their designs have nothing to do with the ones we are used to seeing in the West! From illustrations from Japanese popular culture (as we can see on this Japanese Snake T-Shirt) to anime manga characters (like this Itachi Streetwear T-Shirt), Japanese t-shirts are really diversified!

We suggest you take a look at these clothes:

Anime T-Shirt from BEAMS T.

Crocodile Japanese T-Shirt from BEAMS T.

Vintage Oversized T-Shirt from Kanji Streetwear.

#6: Japanese Streetwear Shoes

Japanese Streetwear Shoes

Japanese shoes are often very different from what we are used to seeing, at least for women. Indeed, while men wear sneakers like most Western men, women are more original and creative.

Between the gothic platform boots, the very long black boots, and the more casual boots, Japanese women have the choice for their shoes. In the Harajuku neighborhood, it is extremely common to see young Japanese women wearing this kind of boots for their streetwear outfits.

Japanese Streetwear Sneakers

The sneakers fit perfectly with the streetwear style, this is one of the most important elements. However, in Japan, they are not as important for women. We have prepared a small selection of streetwear sneakers for you:

Air Force Max from Nike.

Adidas Originals Continental 80 from Kickz.

Japanese Techwear Shoes from Kanji Streetwear.

Japanese Streetwear Boots

Boots are mandatory in Japan if you want to have an unbelievable style. We have prepared a selection of women's boots for you, with a bonus pair of men's streetwear boots:

Platform Boots from Demonia.

Long Japanese Boots from Demonia.

Men's Streetwear Boots from Demonia.

#5: Japanese Skirts

Japanese Skirts

In Japanese streetwear, skirts are almost ubiquitous for women. It's almost unthinkable to imagine an urban outfit for women in Japan without thinking about a short outfit, be it a skirt or a mini-short.

There is a very specific style of Japanese skirts. It is the schoolgirl skirt, often black, with many pleats, which the majority of Japanese women are particularly fond of.

These skirts have the advantage of being very aesthetic and to marry perfectly with the usual Japanese streetwear. For example, it is not uncommon to find the combo skirt - tights - big black boots among streetwear lovers in Tokyo. Here are a few of them:

Pleated Skirt from Shein.

Dotted Mini Skirt from Saint Genies.

#4: Japanese Streetwear Check Shirts

Japanese Streetwear Check Shirts

Check shirts are a popular streetwear garment all over the world. From the United States (with XXXTENTACION for example who wore a lot of them) to Japan, this garment has a lot of potential and popularity.

 Coupled with streetwear pants for men, or mini shorts for women, checked shirts are a hit in Japan! Their style blends totally with the streetwear look, because of their beauty and their style variations: around the waist, closed or open. Here is our choice of products:

Dark Blue Check Shirt from Farah.

Black & Red Checked Shirt from Zalando.

Checked Shirt With Ruffles from Zara.

#3: Japanese Streetwear Caps

Japanese Streetwear Caps

The cap is a Japanese streetwear accessory very fashionable in Japan. You can see them everywhere: in the street, in the subway, on the models. Japan being a precursor country of streetwear, it is normal to see this trend emerging in young people's outfits.

As big fans of caps at Kanji Streetwear, we recommend our entire collection of Japanese caps. Here are some of our most popular flagship products:

Angel Streetwear Cap from Kanji Streetwear.

Kamikaze Japanese Cap from Kanji Streewear.

Astroworld Cap from Kanji Streetwear.

#2: Japanese Streetwear Hoodies

Japanese Streetwear Hoodies

In Japan, hoodies are worn as much as t-shirts, and in the same way: oversized. Whether they have Japanese motifs, cartoons, or designs reminiscent of their culture and art, Japanese streetwear hoodies do not lack originality and style.

There are two styles: the classic hoodies, cut as in the western style, and the Japanese style hoodies, with a very special shape. Indeed, in Asian countries such as Japan or China, it is commonplace to mask the face. Local fashion designers, from whom we were inspired, have therefore designed hoodies with the hood partially covering the face. Take a look by clicking on the first link in the list of streetwear hoodies:

Coming soon... from Kanji Streetwear.

Katakana College Hoodie from BAPE.

Sailor Moon Hoodie from Kanji Streetwear.

#1: Japanese Streetwear Pants

Japanese Streetwear Pants

Streetwear pants are the archetype of the Japanese streetwear style. Whether it is cargo pants, tactical pants, jogging, pants with straps or chains, this clothing is essential and almost obligatory in the streets of Harajuku.

The vast majority of pants are for men. Indeed, women will prefer mini shorts or skirts, more feminine and kawaii! However, it is not impossible to meet one or two Japanese women dressed with a great pair of cargo pants. Let's see together the most popular models:

Japanese Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have the advantage of being very practical without being unattractive. Popular models in Japan include:

2-Tone Track Pants from BAPE.

Black Cargo Pants from Kanji Streetwear.

Recon Cargo Pants from OBEY.

Japanese Techwear Pants

Techwear pants are very popular in Japan because their design and shape is very original and stands out from a lot of Western clothing with a more regular cut. Here are some ideas of pants:

Black Techwear Pants from Kanji Streetwear.

P10-DS Pants from ACRONYM.

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