Japanese Fashion History

The Japanese Fashion History

Japanese design fascinates and inspires the world of fashion. In fact, it has given birth to some of the greatest masters in its history. However, its popularity and reputation for innovation did not come about overnight. It is rather the result of a slow and meticulous evolution.
The Japanese Tiger
Japanese Culture

The Japanese Tiger

The tiger is a ferocious and appreciated animal that reminds the Chinese culture much more than the Japanese one. In Japan, although we could not find any, the tora (Japanese translation for "tiger") has a long history. How is this possible?
Blackpink VS BTS

Blackpink VS BTS, Who Wins?

K-Pop is a mix of several genres, from pop to rap through electro, rock and sometimes even folk. It's a cultural and musical revolution. From BTS to Blackpink to TWICE, Korean pop is as fascinating as it is critical. What about the two most loved bands, BTS and Blackpink?
Top Japanese Streetwear Brand
Japanese Clothing

Top 10 Japanese Streetwear Brands

There are many streetwear brands on the market, but what about Japanese streetwear brands? This fashion is illustrated in Japan, and more particularly in Tokyo in areas such as Harajuku or Shibuya, has found its followers and is now exported to Western countries.
Military Surplus in Fashion
Military Clothing

Military Surplus in Fashion

What does military surplus look like in fashion? Where to find the best military equipment? What are the different types of camouflage? Kanji Streetwear made a dossier just for you. Onward soldier!
Different Clothing Styles Japan

The Different Clothing Styles in Japan

When we think about Japanese fashion, we imagine special outfits. Whether it is kimonos, kawaii clothing, or traditional clothing, Japanese fashion fascinates and enthralls by its variety and originality.
Why is Streetwear so Popular

Why Is Streetwear So Popular?

As you may have noticed, streetwear has had fairly unprecedented popularity in recent years. From rappers to skateboarders to luxury stores, why has streetwear become so popular?
10 Must-Have Sneakers in 2020

10 Must-Have Sneakers in 2020!

As a young streetwear lover, are you looking to find out which sneakers to buy in 2020? Do you want to know what are the most popular sneakers this year? Then welcome to Kanji Streetwear. 
What Are Cargo Pants
Army Pants

What Are Cargo Pants?

What are cargo pants? Where does the term "cargo" come from? What is the origin of this garment? At Kanji Streetwear, we are passionate about the subject, so we will answer these questions for you.

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