Japanese Streetwear

More than a fashion: an identity.

Japanese Streetwear - More than a fashion

At Kanji Streetwear, we consider that Japanese streetwear is more than a fashion: it is an identity. Because of its strong visual identity and its originality, Japanese streetwear is becoming a classic in western fashion. It is with this in mind that we created Kanji Streetwear, the first online store to exclusively showcase Japanese urban fashion.

Kanji Streetwear was created by two young entrepreneurs in search of novelty. In love with the Japanese culture and streetwear style, they had the opportunity to notice during their different trips in Asia that the Japanese streetwear was a very interesting style. They immersed themselves in this particular fashion in Tokyo, in the Harajuku district, where they had the opportunity to find all the inspiration they needed. And they had an idea.

The idea came from a simple observation: in the West, Asian fashion is not present enough. And more particularly Japanese fashion. That's why we decided, through Kanji Streetwear, to import Japanese clothes in the West. To do so, we propose many Japanese collections and styles.

Japanese Clothing

First of all, before talking about Japanese streetwear, we have to talk about Japanese clothes. These being very present in the Asian streetwear style, and obviously in the Japanese fashion, it was very important to include it first. We first had to observe the Japanese fashion of the locals during our first trip in Japan. We noticed that Japanese people dress in a similar style to Westerners: from hoodies to cargo pants to oversized t-shirts, Japanese clothes are very similar to those worn by Americans and Europeans.

That's why we offer streetwear on our store. We think that it is necessary to include this branch of Japanese streetwear fashion, and that it is necessary to put it forward since it is a fashion in its own right. After the urban fashion, we decided to focus on what was the essence of Japanese fashion: traditional Japanese clothing.

Traditional Japanese Clothing

Japan is a country with a strong cultural imprint in its clothing fashion. The first garment we wanted to study and recreate was the kimono. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that is very important to the Japanese in the 21st century. Where most Western cultures have abandoned their traditional clothing, Japan remains attached to it.

So we decided to offer Japanese kimonos, but not in any way: we chose to separate our kimono collection into three sub-collections: the traditional kimonos, which are closest to the kimonos that can be found in Japan; the kimono dresses, which are intended for a more feminine audience, and the kimono cardigans, which are intended for a wider audience.Their tight fit, original and diverse designs make the cardigan kimonos the best sellers among the kimonos present on Kanji Streetwear.

Japanese Style Clothing

We didn't stop there. After the streetwear and the Japanese clothes, we had to create streetwear in the Japanese style. We had to be original and creative in order not to fall into the cliché, but also in order not to be repetitive in the choice of patterns, designs, and cuts. These clothes can be found in all collections: Japanese kimonos, Japanese t-shirts, Japanese hoodies, Japanese jackets, Japanese pants, etc. They best represent the Japanese streetwear style and make you travel every time.

You will be able to find hoodies with kanjis, typical Tokyo pants, sneakers that you have never seen once in your life as they are original and Japanese streetwear oriented, Harajuku style t-shirts, and unique Japanese style jackets. There is something for every taste, for every season, for every budget. So, what are you waiting for to visit our Japanese style clothing collection?

Japanese Clothing Brands

Kanji Streetwear is the first clothing brand to offer such diversity in its selection of Japanese streetwear products. And it's far from being finished! We plan to offer twice as many products in the coming months. So we can offer you more and more novelties and Japanese streetwear to wear.

At Kanji Streetwear, we want to offer worldwide delivery, because we don't like the extra costs when checking out. The price displayed in your cart is the price you will pay at checkout. No more, no less (unless you have a coupon code!).

Finally, Kanji Streetwear is one of the world leaders in Japanese streetwear. We are the fastest growing Japanese streetwear brand in the last 12 months, and we look forward to increasing our growth with your support and feedback. Thank you for shopping at Kanji Streetwear!

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Stay warm with a Japanese Hoodie

When cold temperatures show up, it's good to be prepared with some warm outerwear. Get ready with our collection of Japanese streetwear hoodies and pullover in fleece, knit, polyester or cotton depending on the model. Women and men alike, sweatshirts are suitable for everyone for the simple reason that Japanese street fashion has no limits!

Our tops are designed to give you warmth when you need it, that's why they are mainly made of polyester and cotton. Sweaters are not to choose randomly: at Kanji Streetwear, the choice is wide: whether you are looking for a Japanese style hoodie for indoors, a crewneck for your usual outings, a hooded sweatshirt to go out on the street every day or a sweater to face the winter, we have everything you need to fill your wardrobe with quality garment.

Get stylish for this summer

If on the other hand you want something light and warm for the summer like our Japanese Shirts, we have a large choice of sleeveless tops : streetwear shirts for the urban lovers, anime shirts for those who like Japanese anime like Naruto, Hunter X Hunter or My Hero Academia, or goth shirts for the darkest ones among you.

Finally, if you don't really feel like you're made for the Japanese Street Style, we have a last choice for you: our Kimonos. You'll feel like a real Japanese resident! Our collection is very rich: you will find Embroidered Kimonos, Kimonos Cardigan, Japanese Kimonos Dress, some traditional ones and even Yukatas. The oversized style of these Japanese Kimonos will allow you to feel comfortable during hot times. The choice is all yours!

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Our Japanese Pants will make you shine

The purpose of Japanese streetwear fashion is to differentiate itself from others. To do so, at Kanji Streetwear, we decided to call upon renowned designers to create unique visuals that you will find nowhere else. No more ordinary jeans or basic shorts, from this day on your clothes will be at the level of your person and become original. Our collection of Japanese Pants is an excellent example.

Whatever your style of Japanese streetwear trousers, we have the garments to suit your tastes. Camo pants for the adventurous, high-waisted pants to embellish your silhouette, streetwear cargo pants, techwear pants... every type of women's fashion pants is represented here. Our skinny cargo pants or our wide traditional pants will satisfy your Japanese street wear desires. What are you waiting to browse our Japanese streetwear pants collection?

If you are looking for streetwear sneakers to go with your pants, our shop has exactly what you are looking for. Indeed, we take a great interest in making our products as original as possible while respecting the traditions of Japanese streetwear apparel. Our collection of sneakers stands out from the competition (Adidas, Nike, Reebok) because of its more pronounced design and originality. From high-top sneakers to classic vulcanized shoes and techwear sneakers, you will have the choice here.

Straight from Harajuku, our Japanese sneakers are a real jewel for every urban fashion fan. Techwear sneakers, urban shoes, goth boots, high top shoes, sportswear sneakers... We noticed that womenswear, and more broadly streetwear, tended to become more uniform. Our Japanese clothing store goes against this trend.

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