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The Japanese Fashion History
Japanese design fascinates and inspires the world of fashion. In fact, it has given birth to some of the greatest masters in its history. However, its popularity and reputation for innovation did not come about overnight. It is rather the result of a slow and meticulous evolution.
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The Japanese Tiger

The tiger is a ferocious and appreciated animal that reminds the Chinese culture much more than the Japanese one. In Japan, although we could not find any, the tora (Japanese translation for "tiger") has a long history. How is this possible?

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Blackpink VS BTS, Who Wins?

K-Pop is a mix of several genres, from pop to rap through electro, rock and sometimes even folk. It's a cultural and musical revolution. From BTS to Blackpink to TWICE, Korean pop is as fascinating as it is critical. What about the two most loved bands, BTS and Blackpink?

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At Kanji Streetwear, we offer a wide range of urban looking Japanese clothing in all styles, for all kinds, with a wide choice of colors to suit everyone. Among the different styles of Japanese streetwear, we have Cardigan Kimonos, which you can match with streetwear pants and why not a Japanese jewelry from our collection in order to sublimate it all. Whatever the weather and temperature, our collection of Japanese streetwear jackets and T-Shirts will make you feel good without compromising your style. No more big ugly jackets with no identity with our collection of Japanese Windbreakers, and no more bland T-Shirts with banal designs with our collection of Anime T-Shirts.